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What fitness taught me about building a business online

The question may arise what does fitness have to do with building a business online? These two subjects are way apart, however, when you think about it, it actually has everything to do with it. Have you ever wondered how people totally transform their physique in a matter of months, following small steps?

Well doing that , has taught me so much about building a business online and I would like to share this with you.

5 Key Guidelines for selecting your Affiliate Marketing Company

Selecting an affiliate marketing company or product can be a big choice to make and you don’t even know where to begin.Today I share 5 guidelines which I have used successfully when looking at affiliate marketing products.

5 Videos leaving you with one question – What are you waiting for?

Everything Starts with a step.. a baby crawls and once they are ready they take their first step. First wobbly and then they stabilize, fall a few times and sooner or later they find their balance and walk. When we were babies we were carefree, adventuring to do new things, try new experiences, no matter the outcome.. Today I share these videos with you, with one main purpose to ask you…

A baby never knew they had the ability to even crawl much less walk, but they found it out, so I am here to ask you..

When did you start making excuses to why you are not able to achieve something?

How to make money blogging in any niche

It’s the latest trend in the industry online and more and more people are waking up to the fact that you can make money blogging, however.. there is a catch, and the catch is, choosing the model that makes blogging successful and you have to take action! Today I share a few pointers how you can make money blogging in any niche

The effect your words and your mind have on your life

Have you ever thought when you look at your life and you are still for a moment, what is the dialogue you have with yourself each day? Look around you; its a direct reflection of what is currently being said by yourself over your life, your business and your decisions you make. So if you have this power of speech, do you realize it can change your life?

4 step Success Formula on How to Write a Blog for Any Niche

As entrepreneur, new business owner, or just as a newbie with a passion to write and share, where do you start with a blog and how do you write a blog so that you are able to build authority and gain followers and prospects? How do you write a blog with the right structure? Right in the beginning when I started building my business, I had to learn these ways , however now I can easily share them with you and short circuit your learning with this 4 step formula

How toxic thoughts like “Money is the root of all evil” robs you of creating the life you desire

A lie , a blatant lie that has robbed people for centuries to live the lives they truly deserve. Instead have forced them into a poverty mentality that they should stay that way till they depart from earth. Today I want to share with you how these toxic thoughts around money affects you and how it resists your growth without you even realizing it.

5 Helpful Blogging tips that can generate leads for you on autopilot

Blogging many years back were seen as just another internet craze, and as the years went by people started to build the awareness that blogging actually is a very essential tool in your lead generation strategy. Would’nt you like to know what 5 blogging tips would help that? Well I would and so I can share with you based on experience how you can generate leads on autopilot and that just coming from your blog for you.

7 Guidelines anyone can use to become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

  Have you seen how many people are currently moving from a traditional business to that of an Internet Entrepreneur? Continue Reading

How to package your Passion into a Business Online

Have you heard the saying before , you can’t make your money doing that! Get a real job, go to study and then find and hunt for a 9-5 job. That is reality and that is life? Today, irrespective about if that may be you or not, I am going to show you how easy it is to package your passion into a business online.

How to promote your blog to multiple platforms within 5 Minutes daily.

Have you looked at people constantly blogging about their businesses and you think, where do they find the time to blog, syndicate, promote and do all their other work? Well, the answer to this is really simple! If you use the correct tools and promote your blog on the correct platforms, it literally takes you five minutes, and I’m here to share with you the tools I use on how to promote your blog within 5 minutes so you can focus on income producing activities.

5 Social Media Quotes that will make you reflect on your Social Media Strategy

People think when you read quotes there isn’t any insights! Big mistake! Today I share the benefits of social media with relevant quotes! Enjoy!

5 Useful Videos on Goal Setting and on what Impossible really means.

I had an instance over the weekend where I was challenged with regards to my goals and dreams and desires. Have you had that same thing happen to you, when others tell you what’s possible and what is not?

Today I share with you about goal setting, and what others deem impossible to be in fact possible!

God said for man it’s impossible but for me anything is possible and He wants us to live a life where our options are limitless and our dreams and goals attainable!

What a seed can teach us about building a business online.

  I believe that we can get great teachings from everything around us, from our lives, from every moment and Continue Reading

2 Full Audio Books by Napoleon Hill that’s guaranteed to change your perspective on life!

The mind, the most interesting part of a human being, and also the piece which people choose to either develop and feed or not. I share with you two audio books I have been studying by Napoleon Hill, and my goodness has it stretched my thinking and actions in more ways than one.

Today I share with you the links to the full audio books so you can listen and let it challenge you in your unique way.

The beauty of listening to these two audio’s made me realize once again that all they spoke about was already in the Bible, so for me it related exactly to what God had told me in his word!

So here they are.. irrespective of your believe, I believe it will resonate with each and every person and where they are in their life journey